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How to take part in streamed Mass (now only at 09:15 every Sunday)

Step one is to connect to the Parish YouTube channel by clicking on the logo below - 


It's best to do this around 15 minutes before Mass is due to begin.

On that page you will see at least one video with a small red box containing the word "live" in it. Click on this video and you will have joined the web-stream.

Getting the most from YouTube

If you hover the mouse or cursor over the video you will see a bar at the bottom with several controls.


Sound volume

In the bottom left corner you will see a slider bar which if you move from left to right will increase the volume. On computers and laptops you can also adjust the volume using the keyboard up and down arrows.

yt2 sound.jpg

If you still can't hear anything make sure that the sound on your computer has not been muted. The keyboard button looks something like this.


Screen size

The videos on YouTube can be displayed at several preset sizes. The size is controlled by the buttons at the bottom right hand side of the screen, again visible by hovering the cursor or mouse over the video.

The options are as follows - 

  1. This will display a miniature screen in the bottom right hand comer of your computer screen

  2. This is theatre mode which is similar in aspect ratio to a widescreen tv.

  3. This allows you to "cast" the video to a smart TV or other receiver for display on a TV screen. Please refer to the instructions for the TV.

  4. This will display the video to the full screen size of the device you are watching on.

Please be aware that due to bandwidth restrictions, if you watch on a larger image size there may be some loss of clarity and some pixelation. For most devices either the default display or option 2 is recommended.

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